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I am particularly attracted by the cast-off shell of a cicada.
Cicada has already flown off and only the cast-off shell, in other word, a thin film remains.
Still we feel strong presence and a sign of cicada whenever we look at it.
Then what do we, as a human being, throw off when we are glowing. Cloths might be the one.
We constantly change it as we glow because it inevitably becomes too small or too old and shabby for us.
We are recognized one way or the other through our visible outer form by others. Visible part of us, that is cloths and our skin.
I am recreating cloths in my memories by oiled papers.
It is said that oiled paper makes reproduction of skin quicken when it is put on the damaged part of skin.
Why do I do it, you may ask.
Because cloths in the past remind me of my memories and those memories, without doubt, consists present “I” and in turn present “I” will constructs “I” in the future.
I will continue to create my works in the hope that I am able to regenerate me day after day.

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