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Selected Solo Exhibitions
2009 “look for the whereabouts” Flew gallery, Sendagi, Tokyo
2008 “ALL ABOUT THE MEMORY” Flew gallery, Sendagi, Tokyo
2006 “A personal memory exhibition” gallery AT EASY, Nerima, Tokyo
2005 Gaillery ART SPACE [hyakuyoubako], Tokyo
2003 “2002.6.9 / 2003.6.14 UN-special every day” gallery K, Ginza, Tokyo
2002 “The absolute memory” gallery K, Ginza, Tokyo
2001 The House of old Toya obstetrisian, Kagoshima
2001 Waterfall Park of Sogi outdoor exhibition, Kagoshima
2001 “each another person” Gallery K, Ginza, Tokyo
2000 Gallery K, Ginza, Tokyo
2000 Citizen of Naha-shi gallery, Okinawa

Selected Group Exhibitions
2015 “Bookshelf of the art museum” Ashikaga Museum of Art, Tochigi, Japan
2014 Thinking of ENERGY -From the experience of FUKUSHIMA-” Auswaertiges Amt / Federal foreign office, Berlin, Germany
2014 “Tonosho Art Project 2014” Kagawa, Japan
2013 “Fukuyama Art Walk 2013” Fukuyama Museum of Literature Fukuyama, Japan
2013 “Otaru Book Art Week 2013” cafe NAHANA, Otaru, Japan
2013 Dandans, a collective of emerging artist Japanese artists-” Browse & Darby Gallery,  London, UK
2013 “Tonosho Art Project 2014” Kagawa, Japan
2013 Energy for us -From artists’ point of view-” Daikanyama Hillside Forum, Shibuya, Tokyo
2011 “Aizu Urushi Art Festival” Kitakata, Fukushima
2011 Hierher Dorthin” Goethe Institut, Tokyo, Japan
2010 DANDANS at No Man’s Land” Old building of French Embassy , Hiroo, Tokyo
2010 “Artists’ Book Exhibithion: Centre to Periphery” Japan Creative Centre, Singapore
2009 A Midsummer Dream” Chinzan-so, Mejiro, Tokyo
2008 The House – How to live with modern” Gallery Concept 21, Tokyo, Japan
2006 “THE LIBRARY” Ashikaga Museum of Art, Tochigi / Tama Art University, Tokyo
2006 “Haiku Image Sculpture” Citizen of Naha-shi gallery, Okinawa, Japan
2004 “ABOVE THE BOOK” Gallery ART SPACE, Tokyo, Japan

2007 “Art Festival in MADARAOKOGEN” Nagano
2000 “Artist in Residence in Ohkuchi” Kagoshima
1999 “A stone sculpture symposium” Italy
1997 “A stone sculpture symposium” Okinawa
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