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Culture-bound syndrome
The culture-bound syndrome is defined as psychiatric symptoms that are considered to be a recognizable disease only within a certain region, race, and cultural environment.
For instance, Taijin Kyofu sho, literally means the disorder of fear of interpersonal relations and is also a culture-bound syndrome.

The hooded clothes of like the whole body tights that these children (work) wear show the wall of the mind that avoids social contacts from others.
And by hiding oneself in the corner or shadows not in the center in a dignified manner, the introverted attitudes of a social withdrawal are drifted in the scene.
However, the act of peering at and checking over others appears to be instead the act of trying to make communications with others.
As for this, we find some common features on people browsing Internet sites or bulletin boards. They steal a glance at stranger’s event quietly while they are in their own room.
Their great interest in others is obvious, but they wear a mask of indifference as well.
I want to express the sense of distance of slight communications between the person and the person now in these works.

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