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My works

I create sculpture from paper by coloring their surfaces with materials such as paint. During the time when I create them, I keep my feeling as if I compose extemporarily and color even the space.
A sheet of paper and empty paper boxes, which are usually disused, are the main materials of my sculpture. I cut these materials with a knife and color them. I regard the original shapes of the materials such as a sheet of paper or a box as more important than their quality. Principally, I attach nothing to or detach nothing from the materials. I modify and develop the shape without spoiling their original images. This procedure is similar to that of “Ikezukuri” (serving a fish whole and raw with its meat cut in slices) of such as a sea bream in a Japanese dish. In the processing of Ikezukuri, some parts such as intestines are removed but the original shape of the fish is kept to be imaginable. We will be able to picture even the procedure of cooking from the dish.
We sometimes feel a matter to be bigger or smaller in volume or extension even when the mass is stable. The color also affects such a feeling of us. The image of a person, for example, is changed occasionally by the color of suits, black or white. Such effect on our feeling is due to the action of the space around the matter.
There was a technique called “shakkei” (borrowed scenery) in the Japanese classical gardens. In this technique, they used the surrounding mountains and woods beyond the arrangement of garden rocks and garden plants as a design of them. This technique to use the space around them enlarged the original view of the gardens.
We find such a space effect in the world of sound relating to the sense of hearing. The sound of wooden clappers, for example, in the sumo-wrestling is composed of the rhythms of intervals of sound and its aftereffects. Such a space effect is common in the ordinary life of people and the depths of their consciousness. This is one of characteristics of Japanese culture.

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