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Since college, where i worked with glass, I have become very interested in visual expression technology.
“Shadow image” is work with glass, light and shadow. It creates an appearance close to photos and video. Glass allows light to shine through. The shadow of the glass is projected by light on the wall and floor. It stands as a symbol which appears as a three-dimensional object exceeding the real image of just one. Further, there are the “glass bottles” with their theme of transitory material that does not have a clear outline which also has “out of focus” or “shake” in the photographic expression. The next one is “incandescent lamp”, how the light makes a image through the lens (glass) has interested me in principles of the structure. “Paper”, “candle”, “wave”, “crystal” photogram that captures the representation of the material, creates how it appears on the paper. The photogram is a silhouette (negative image) which captures the shadow of substance. “with water, soil and a plant pot” negative photograph that inspired its negative effect, and thought and image which humans obtained from the material are visualized.
These serendipitous discoveries do not need linguistic interpretation and their memory has given me many new creative thoughts.

But in 2011, the natural disaster and nuclear accident made me bring to think about my presence in the society and its community. Because, when I spent one year after the natural disaster in my hometown in Miyagi, Japan, I felt a kind of absence, disappearness and I had a feeling that I do not belong in that location. As Walter Benjamin said a reproduced thing which has no own land, in other words that may not be able to find a position in history.
It may be a matter of course. Because, since graduating from high school, I have moved and emigrated to Tokyo, Düsseldorf and Berlin. I imperceptibly became like that reproduction which has no specific location to exist. I think this kind of experience I made is not only mine.

Therefore, by knowing more the history of a location where my work will be placed on and the history of the materials of my works, I like to create a new relationship between me and the location.

29th March 2015


「shadow image」は、ガラスと光と影で、写真や映像に似た感覚を作り出した作品である。 ガラスは光を通すという特性を持っている。壁や床に光によって映写されたガラスの影は、まさに一つの立体物として表象が実像を超え立ち現われる様と言える。また写真表現にもある「ブレ」や「ボケ」のような、輪郭を明確に持たない物質の移ろいやすさをテーマに制作した「ガラス瓶」。そして、どのように光はレンズ(ガラス)を通り映像を生むか、という構造原理に関心を抱き制作した「白熱電球」。主観と客観をテーマにした作品である。物質の表象を捉えたフォトグラム「結晶」「波」「蝋燭」「紙」は、どのように印画紙上に現れるのかを追及し制作を続けている。そのフォトグラムは物質の影を捉えるシルエット(ネガ像)。そのネガ効果にヒントを得て、人間が物質から得るイメージや思考を可視化したネガ写真「水と土と鉢で」。

しかし、2011年の震災や原発事故を切っ掛けに、 新たなに、社会の中、コミュニティーの中の私の存在について関心を抱き始めた。というのも、震災後1年間、生まれ育った地元宮城県に戻り過ごした際、自分の不在感と違和感をどこに行っても、あたかもバルターベンヤミンが云う、 複製されたものが固有の土地を持たず、つまり歴史に残らない存在や物であるかのように感じたからである。



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