We live in a single world and in an infinite number of worlds at the same time. Interwoven with ourselves and our environment, we have difficulty understanding our network of internal and external relationships. Even less comprehensible, however are the ramifications of the external worlds we encounter.

Infinite concentric worlds form a totality which is entirely boundless – we are unable to imagine a beginning or an end. All of these worlds merge into one, woven together by the inexorable rhythms of their micro-and macrostructures – a cosmic quilt of the gigantic and the infinitesimal. In between the lines, cells and structures, the void – nothingness – the “in between” – is just as real.

I begin somewhere – with a colour or a graphite pencil on the emptiness of a white sheet of paper or on a concrete object; the cells, roots, lines, veins appear as if on their own. As I work towards the abstract, the clear boundaries of an object disappear. In the end, foreground and background, colours and shapes oscillate enough to elude detection. Just as my images can grow their way out to and over the edges of the paper format, my installations spill out into the room. Objects also arise on their own – organic forms which grow out of themselves.

The kinetic dynamism inherent to my works transposes itself to the viewer. In this way, a vital web of ramifications comes into being between observer, object and creator….three distinct and separate worlds bound by visible and invisible lines, in the space of in between, where my art unfolds.

Mayumi Okabayashi

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