A dead branch caught my eye while I was taking a rest in urban square.
It is a “isolated” branch from its mother tree, and keeping timeless silence.
It forms various parts that show its long, long period of the growth process.
In fact, it has roots to prepare its regeneration, but now it’s straying on the ground.
I gathered these dead branches and tried to put them as real.
Each branch is fixed and reproduced by my elaborated operation like a surgery for human being.
My operation gave the branches formed newly an alternate structure.
In my perspective, these branches are totally allowed to regenerate as a real plant.
My works is made of many dead branches and connect them to their past.
However, I could represent their existence as a real plant and regenerate.
I invite you to a complicated space where both plastic and real are exist.
All participants could have opportunities to sense an unstable “present” through my works.



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