1969    Born in Tokyo, Japan
    Lives and works in Nagano, Japan

Studies painting, Royal Academy Of Fine Arts Antwerp, Belgium
Studies painting, Musashino Art School, Japan

Selected individual exhibitions and projects
2012    “Childish All Or Nothing” Art Center Ongoing, Tokyo
2012 “Timeless Bomb” Gallery Amano, Yamanashi
2012 “Yours, and Mine, Solo Exhibition, & Project” Art Lab Aichi, Nagoya
2010 “FAFROTSKIES” Art Center Ongoing, Tokyo
2008 “Love Minus Zero” Art Center Ongoing, Tokyo
2008 “Tangled up in BLUE (or so)” Chino Citizen Gallery, Chino
2003 “Solo Exhibition” IHAM Gallery, Antwerp
2002 “Agitou Fish, Two men show” Gallery Brocken, Tokyo
2001 “Solo Exhibition” IHAM Gallery, Antwerp
1998 “In between, Two men show” Bernardscetram, Antwerp
1997 “Solo Exhibition” Gallery B1, Antwerp

Selected group exhibitions and projects
2011 “Essential Ongoing” BankART Life3, Yokohama
2010 “5th Dimension” French Embassy Of Japan, Tokyo
2007 “New Fine Art Lab” Gallery82, Nagano
2007 “Whereabout of Forms” Gallery82, Nagano
“Reunited 01〜09” Tokyo〜Yokohama
2004 “Vision Quest/SET 04, Group exhibitions and projects” Re-know, Tokyo
2003 “SL a GOGO !!” Winds Gallery, Tokyo
2003 “Bijyutu-Tanjyou” Hachiouji-Yume Museum, Tokyo
“Ongoing Vol.1〜Vol.5, Group exhibitions and projects” Tokyo〜Yokohama

Grat and Artist-in-Residence
2012 “Yours, and Mine, Solo Exhibition & Project” Art Lab Aichi, Nagoya

2012 Eureka : August (No.613,Vol.44-8) / Special Feature : Gyoji Nomiyama (“Le parcours d’ un peintre e’tranger”, Interviewer)
2008 Eureka : August (No.554,Vol.40-9) / Special Feature : Johannes Vermeer (“Vermeer longs for a Movie”, Dialog with Takumi Tanji)
2006 Eureka : May (No.519,Vol.38-5) / Special Feature : Tsuguharu Foujita (“We love Foujita anyway”, Dialog with Takumi Tanji)

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