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Uniting the Imaginary and the Everyday

Light and shadow shape our visual perception of things. Though they are distinct opposites, they are also complementary parts of a mutual whole. This duality underlies all that we see.

My paintings bring together still other dualities: the ordinary and the unexpected, the real and the virtual. By organizing and relating these separate realms within the same canvas, my aim is to reveal some alternative view of the world around us.

I begin with the painting’s spatial composition. I then consider how to manipulate its array of forms and elements in some suggestive or questioning way. I might stop the flow of time, or shift it forward or backward. I may crop space, or add a swath of it to an unlikely place. This meddling on my part typically works on the painting in such a way that its parts begin to arrange themselves in their own desired fashion.

While the result is always something that I myself have never seen, that same setting or scene might exist out there, somewhere. On canvas, after all, it seems so close—a mere touch away.

By juxtaposing the reality of the day-to-day with the imaginary world of the painting, I hope to unite these two spheres—if only as a signpost for my own whereabouts, so I don’t lose my way.






その風景は指先でそっと触れられそうな… 触れられないような…。

自分の居所を見失わないように… 忘れてしまわないように… 。


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