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A visually and tactilely gentle and smooth form urges us to come close and relate to it. That might be because we unconsciously expect the form to give us a particular experience.
When we realize such an expectation, there is a positive shift in our consciousness. Viewers might feel that a form touches something that exists within them at a subconscious level. In other words, a form urges viewers to explore what might lie in their minds. A form evokes diverse images depending on the viewers. Some viewers even become interested in information such as the background of the form.
My primary concern is to explore communication between viewers and works of art, hoping to identify factors that affect viewer’s thoughts or prompt them to experience works of art tactilely.
I currently focus attention on people’s judgement process and the reaction which are actually dependent on their prejudice (belief). It may be iffy, but such assumption can be real information or fact by their unsubstantiated presumption.

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