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Firing objects, firing events

What is seeing?
There are things one can see and can’t see.
Furthermore just now is the only time we can see and as life progresses we still can’t see the future.
We don’t see everything. What we see is different from reality or what is true. Seeing is not true. And there are things that escape our vision.
In our daily life we are typically unconscious, and I feel for just one moment that I can recognize something as something else. For example seeing a coffee cup as a flower. Have you ever seen something like this?

I make a judgement based on what I see as people’s common perception and sometimes I perceive that a little bit differently.
Different values and a new aesthetic consciousness will start to occur.
Because art is started from feeling and thinking in your heart.
It is important for me to have a sense of discomfort and friction between the detection of my experience and universality.

I use humor and irony in my view point, and give importance to the relation of my works to people.
In this regard I compare and add or reduce my thoughts to build on my memory and zoom into the future of actuality and unreality.
My feelings in the present are changing as things in another moment are considered.

I guess I value past feelings and shapes with hoping, thinking and ambivalence. And thereby I stimulate my senses over and over. In this way I identify my feelings and make up my mind for myself.

Ceramics has been in our lives from the Japanese JO-MON era until now.
I use ceramics as the main material in combination with other materials or things, some ready-made. Sometimes I try to rid myself of prejudice to to present and interpret a common universality.

To express myself using ceramics can be realized by my honest intentions and nature. It is possible to make shapes that are erotic, romantic and cool that express my heart and energy in a comfortable way.

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