The Melody of Nature
Rain, rainbows, fog, sunrise, sunset, moonlight, wind, sunlight, and dew.. all natural phenomena born of water, light, and air. Wildflowers, birds, bugs, and butterflies… the small creatures which live around us. I want to express the music and harmonies of these elements of nature through light and color.
In my works I use natural materials, such as silk, washi paper, gold, silver, natural mineral pigments, and sumi ink.


『自然の旋律』/「The Melody of Nature」
雨、虹、霧、夜明け、夕暮れ、月光、風、陽光、露 … 水と光と空気の自然現象。野の花と鳥、虫、蛙 … 小さな生き物たち。

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