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crochet / knit works
I began to crochet seeing a specimen of a tapeworm at Meguro Parasitological Museum. Without knowing why I instantly felt that it was lace. Though I had
never crocheted or knitted at all, I thought “I’ve finally found something to make out of lace”.
Then I also began to make some words of fillet crochet. Due to the fact that creating them required a lot of time and patience, it had to be a word that had a huge impact on me, or else I didn’t think my motivation would last.
Then I also knit some translucent livingthings like a slough of snake and jellyfishes out of fine mohair yarn.
In 2011 I learned that Dr. Isao Ijima, one of the founders of modern zoology in Japan (he is also known as the father of aquariums in Japan), studied on tapeworms. He also studied on various beautuful glass sponges (Hexactinellid) from Sagami-sea. They all have a white translucent look of square-block type like fillet lace. I was amazed to hear that the generic name for a representative glass sponge “Venus’ Flower Basket” is Euplectella, means “well plaited”.
After knitting a lot of glass sponges, I felt my whole crochet / knit works were became one. Now I wanna be a “Euplectella” to show the beauty of every living thing by realistic clochet, knit, or every lace work.

Drawings of 1980’s 〜 Japanese racehorses
My thoughts toward racehorses as a race fan is not something a racehorse itself or a person who is not a race fan can understand. It is very irrational. Such gap can be interesting when applied to art. It’s also an experiment to find out what would happen if you draw each horse with such irrational thinking.

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