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My artwork explores the whole concept of human expression in public.

The concept of ‘do’s and don’ts’ in public, or social protocols, is formulated on political and economical social systems. It guarantees comfort and safety to the people; in exchange, they are asked to acknowledge the unspoken don’ts in public as common sense. This is done in such a tactful way that human existence is often regulated without his knowledge. The more institutionalized the communal space gets, the more characterless and uniformed it becomes. As a result, the act of individual expression is judged and discarded as a reckless nuisance. The process of evolution and formation of the protocols is eventually forgotten, and the protocols are accepted as givens without even being questioned.

By intervening on institutionalized protocols, I investigates the possibility of creative action in public. By rearranging the social syntax, I create a sense of incongruity like a bug in the open, and therefore provide an opportunity to reexamine the institutionalized protocols.



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