Solo exhibitions
2014 “re-mix” bacchus gallery bun, Tokyo
2012 “january neo wave” bacchus gallery bun, Tokyo
2013 “august neo wave” bacchus gallery bun,Tokyo
2012 “VISAGE” Gallery80, omotesando hills, Tokyo
2010 “Selflessness 20100921 – 20100926” Gallery80, omotesando hills, Tokyo
2007 “august wanderer” Spuma, Shibuya, Tokyo
2007 “Garden of selflessness” Kisai, Nakameguro, Tokyo
2006 “Transient Flowers” Doughnut Plant, Azabujyuban, Tokyo
2006 “Dear Valentine” Doughnut plant, Nihonbashi, Tokyo
2005 “Girlfriend of Doughnut Plant” Doughnut plant, Otemachi, Tokyo
2005 “My Favorite Valentine” Free Speace Yoyogi-uehara, Tokyo
2004 “Sweet Circle” Doughnut plant, Shirokanedai, Tokyo
2004 “19752004” Akasaka, Tokyo

Group Exhibitions
2014 A Collective of Japanese Emerging Artists” Zanther & Schulz, Berlin, Germany
2014 “Creative Japanese Artist in Mirano 2014” ARTE GIAPPONE, Milano, Italy
2013 “Art Fusion:Japanese Contemporary Pioneers 2013” Rogue Space Chelsea Gallery, New York
2012 “Selected works from Japan 2012” Michi gallery, New York
2012 “2:46 and Thereafter bis” State Guest House of Aoyama, Tokyo
2010 No Man’s Land” Old building of French Embassy, Tokyo
2009 “Mix Up!” gallery LE DECO shibuya, Tokyo
2009 “FSH Gallery art exhibition” Four Seasons Hotel Gallery, Tokyo
2009 “Femme” gallery art point, Ginza, Tokyo
2008 The House  – How to live with modern art –” Nippon Homes Model houses, Roppongi, Tokyo
2007 “Force The Living vol.10” Frew gallery, Sangubashi, Tokyo
2007 “Force The Living vol.6” Frew gallery, Sangubashi, Tokyo
2007 “Force The Living vol.4” Frew gallery, Sangubashi, Tokyo
2003 “444 Dugong Chain-Action Tshirt” Harajuku La foret Museum,Tokyo

Other activities
2008 illustration & graphic design of “Hair make-up studio elua”
2007 graphic design of “Evergreens”
2007 image illustration of “Lag Stage”
2006 logo design of Shibuya “Kahemi Cafe”

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